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The new guide is here

The new guide is here: ask your law school careers office for a copy.

HOW happy are you? How stressed are you? We dropped these questions into interviews with associates this year. The results were intriguing, showing that money, pro bono work, the location of your chosen firm, and performance in Chambers rankings all correlate with associates’ happiness and stress. The full report, together with top-ten rankings of the best performing firms to look out for.

Our sources made it clear that happiness was only one factor: sound career building means delayed gratification. So our single goal in research this year has been to dig harder for the information you need to set you on the right path in your career. Every Inside View feature is based on interviews with associates, who have told us what sets their firm apart, what they love and what they don’t, and what kind of person would thrive there. Get the firm right and you might even experience happiness along the way…

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