2021 Diversity Tile

Here we look to explore every facet of diversity, equity and inclusion by combining our own research with the latest commentary and views from those in the legal industry.

 Paul Hastings Intersectionality Series

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Our analysis and findings 



US BigLaw diversity and inclusion trends. 
Over 3,000 junior associates told us about D&I
culture in their law firms. We 
examine what
the trends mean for law firm retention
and the individual's career.

Gender split of top GC positions

Gender split of top general counsel positions.
We took a deep dive into the world of
prestigious GC and chief legal officer (CLO)
positions at some of the world’s
most successful companies. 

 Analysis of career moves by gender

Analysis: why women and men leave
their firms for different reasons

We asked thousands of associates to tell us
where they plan to go next and why.

 Leading firms for D&I culture

The law firm D&I survey 2020. 
For every firm taking part in our interview-based
research, we also invite their junior associates to
respond to an online survey covering every aspect
of law firm life.
 Gender statistics

Gender diversity: the percentage of
women partners and associates at
each participating firm.

 Ethnicity statistics

Ethnic diversity: the percentage of
ethnic minority partners and associates at
each participating law firm.

 LGBTQ+ statistics

LGBTQ+ diversity: the percentage of
LGBTQ+ partners and associates at
each participating firm.