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Research Law Firms

First steps

>How to choose a law firm
Researching every firm to find the right fit for you would be madness. So here's how to start a shortlist.
>What are recruiters looking for?
You're facing a panel. What are they analysing? What signals are they looking for? What gets you there in the first place?
>On-campus interviews
We interview the interviewers to help guide you through the OCIs.
>Get your practice area right
Make sense of your options with reviews of 21 key practice areas.

Need to know

>Commercial awareness
Assisting your transformation from academic whiz to commercial asset
>Summer programs
What to expect and how to behave.
Clerking for a judge is a great way to kick-start your career as a litigator.
>SCOTUS clerkships
Clerking at the Supreme Court, as told by the lucky few who've been there, done that, got the judicial robe...
Why it matters to everyone.
>Pro bono: what's so good about it?

The Big Interview

The bigwigs (government)

Need inspiration? Planning on achieving greatness? We've interviewed the star lawyers who've shaped the US nation – or made the legal profession a better place to be.