Alternative careers

alt careers

If BigLaw isn't your scene, that's fine. We've got you covered: explore your options in public interest law, government, in-house and more.


In house image

Becoming an in-house lawyer

Trading BigLaw's late nights for a more predictable life in-house has its appeal, but this route has challenges too.


public interest 

Public interest law

Pursuing a legal career in the public interest arena can be a rewarding but tough path to take. 


Government reg image

Becoming a government regulatory lawyer - the view from Akin Gump

For businesses to navigate and change the laws and regulations which govern their activities, they are in need
of some prodigious legal expertise. 


Government Contracts

Becoming a
government lawyer

For graduates pursuing a legal career outside of BigLaw, the government offers myriad job opportunities on the federal, state and local levels.




Clerking for a judge is a great way to kick-start your career
as a litigator...



SCOTUS clerkships

Clerking at the Supreme Court, as told by the lucky few who've been there, done that, got the judicial robe...


small firm

Working at a small firm

“If you go to a large firm, invest a few years, then decide you want to start a career somewhere else, you're handicapping yourself. Find a place you want to be and give it everything.”

lit boutique

Working at a litigation boutique -
the view from Holwell Shuster

Litigation boutiques offer an intensive yet supportive learning environment for young lawyers – expect your skills to grow fast.