Lateral Look: Schulte

Fund-a-mentally, it’s Schulte – a tip-top destination for anyone interested in investment management work.

Schulte Lateral Profile 2023

If it’s funds you’re looking for, then consider Schulte Roth & Zabel. The firm was pitched by our interviewees as “the best one-stop shop for hedge funds, trust funds, private equity funds or any type of fund for that matter!” Giving weight to such claims, Schulte is top-ranked in Chambers USA for its hedge and investment funds work nationwide.

Schulte’s HQ is in New York, but the firm also has offices in DC and London – a close-knit scale that many of our interviewees appreciated, as it allowed them access to hands-on, specialized work and ensured they didn’t remain anonymous in the broader firm. 

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Why did you join your firm? Associates say…

“Potential longevity of firm career, collegial culture, strength in particular practice area.”

“I really liked the culture. When looking at all the firms I had offers from, I knew I could practice law and learn to be a lawyer anywhere, but Schulte had a feeling to it that I knew I would learn more and do better because I felt respected and also I felt like I got along with everyone I talked to.”

“Better training, SRZ's higher ranking in my practice area, and the opportunity to work on PE deals rather than just hedge fund deals.”


 Career Development & the Path to Partnership



2.1 : 1


partners made in 2022

associate : partner gearing

of associates intend to make partner




felt partnership was achievable for attorneys with children felt partnership was achievable at the firm agreed partners
are nurturing
future leaders

Hours & Compensation





billable hours

average number of vacation days associates took in one year

average number of hours associates worked in one week




agreed they had a good work-life balance

said the benefits package makes the workload worthwhile

found the bonus allocation fair and transparent



1st year: $215,000

2nd year: $225,000

3rd year: $250,000

4th year: $295,000

5th year: $345,000

6th year: $370,000

7th year: $400,000

8th year: $415,000


Is Schulte the right firm for you?




were happy in their current role

     agreed the work is interesting

We asked survey respondents what stands out about the firm’s culture?

“Everyone is genuinely friendly and collegial. Absolutely no yellers or even mean people at the firm. Did not expect that from Big Law. Makes work significantly less stressful than expected.”

“I saw that it was a firm that wants to be on the cutting edge of both the industry but also the world; meaning wanting to make an outsized impact on the financial world which it leverages to effect positive change in the social world.”

“Although the firm has grown it has not lost its small firm feel where everyone feels like family.”


 Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing





reported strong performance in inclusivity training

of partners are women

of associates identify as ethnically diverse



Pro Bono




average pro bono
per US attorney    

    agreed the firm is committed to pro bono


Pro bono highlights: Pregnancy Justice; Tulsa Race Massacre litigation case; Girls Who Code; The Gary Sinise Foundation



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