Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP - The Inside View

Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP

1633 Broadway,
New York,
NY 10019
Website www.kasowitz.com

  • Head Office: New York, NY 
  • Number of domestic offices: 9
  • Number of international offices: N/A
  • Partners (US): 90
  • Associates (US): 125
  • Summer Salary 2017 
  • 2Ls: $3,462/week
  • Post 3Ls: $3,462/week
  • 1Ls hired? Case by case
  • Split summers offered? Case by case
  • Can summers spend time in overseas office? N/A
  • Summers 2017: 11
  • Offers/acceptances 2016: 8 offers, 8 acceptances

Main areas of work
Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, one of the largest litigation firms in the country, represents clients in high-stakes lawsuits, with a particular focus on commercial litigation, securities litigation, antitrust litigation, bankruptcy litigation, and white collar defense and litigation. The firm employs a decidedly aggressive approach to litigation and strives to achieve the most favorable results for its clients by focusing from the beginning of each case on preparation for trial. While litigation remains our core focus, the firm also has a strong real estate transactional practice.

Firm profile
Our success in implementing uniquely creative and successful legal strategies across practice areas has brought us clients with exceptionally interesting and challenging work. Such clients include leading companies in the financial services sector, including major hedge funds, private equity firms, and commercial banks, as well as companies in the real estate, high-tech, manufacturing, chemical, automobile, retail, pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries.

Recruitment details
• Number of 1st year associates: 8
• Associate Salaries 1st year: $180,000
• Number of 2nd year associates: 12
• Associate Salaries: 2nd year: $190,000
• Clerking Policy: Yes

Law Schools attending for OCIs in 2017:
Columbia, Cornell, Fordham, Georgetown, NYU, NEBLSA Job Fair, and Penn

Summer details
Summer associate profile:
Strong academic achievement, writing skills, prior work and leadership experience. Outstanding judgment, character and personal skills. Commitment to the practice of law with demonstrated interest in litigation (participation in Moot Court, Law Review and/ or other journals preferred).

Summer program components:
Our summer program provides students with quality work assignments and professional experiences reflecting the depth and complexity of our litigation practice. Summer associates learn first-hand about trying cases and drafting legal documents, motions and agreements, and are exposed to courtroom appearances, depositions and client meetings. Our program also provides the opportunity to gain insight into the work and culture of the firm.
Summer associates participate in formal training programs, a partner lunch series and an associate mentor program so that students can get to know our lawyers and our firm. Summer associates receive ongoing feedback from the attorneys with whom they work, as well as formal mid and exit reviews.
Kasowitz hosts social events and coordinates various charitable events throughout the summer which provides summer associates and our attorneys the opportunity to get to know one another in an informal environment.