Latham & Watkins: Allyship Podcast Series


Tune in and listen up as a variety of Latham's lawyers reveal their thoughts on the topic of allyship in the legal profession.

  1. Latham Allyship Series #1: Allyship in Action

Join associate and global leader of Latham's Hispanic/Latin American Lawyers Group Blanca Vázquez de Castro and counsel and global leader of Latham's Black Lawyers Group Jason Ewart as they discuss various aspects of allyship in the legal profession.

Topics discussed

  • What allyship looks like in action

  • How allyship translates into effective leadership

  • Common myths about being an ally

  • Can you be an 'accidental ally'?

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Latham Allyship Series #2: Top Five Tips for Being an Effective Ally

In this episode, Julia Thompson, partner and former global co-chair of Latham's Asian & Middle Eastern Lawyers Group, and Andrew Clark, associate and global co-chair of Latham's LGBTQ Lawyers Group, discuss their top five tips for being an effective ally.

Top Five Tips Discussed

  • Lift People Up

  • Creative Problem-Solving Requires Inclusive and Diverse Teams

  • Help Make Society and the World Around You More Inclusive and Diverse

  • Take Action to Promote Allyship Each and Every Day

  • Live the Golden Rule

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Latham Allyship Series #3: Why a Culture of Allyship is Important

In this final episode, Tom Evans – a partner in Latham’s London office and chair of the firm’s Training & Career Enhancement (TACE) Committee – and Kamilah Alexander – an associate in Latham’s San Diego office and member of the firm’s Diversity Leadership Committee – reflect on their definitions and experiences of allyship.

Topics discussed

  • How allyship by its very nature is an intentional act

  • The rewarding experience of becoming an ally as someone who doesn’t identify as a member of a marginalized group

  • Motivating and inspiring change: how allyship can evolve into leadership

  • Why a culture of allyship is critical for organizational success

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